Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Computer Programming

The Future

Look around you. Everything is becoming computerized and integrated. Your cellphone, for example, is a multi-purpose device capable of capturing quality videos/images, playing music, browsing the internet at speeds faster than some computers, sharing files and information worldwide quickly, and many more. All this in a device that fits your hand. Technology is getting much more efficient and has even greater possibilities for the future.

Computer science is a field that has much potential but unfortunately is not being promoted like it should. Efforts are being made to implement this field into the curriculum in most elementary-high schools. This is a great step forward seeing that technology is the future and will eventually become a staple in education just like math, english, or social sciences. Listed below are some links to sites that offer introductory lessons in programming. These sites are good for understanding the basics of computer programming and informing you about the field. These websites will be useful for those who are interested in technology and trying to decide what to major in, or for anyone else trying to narrow their options. It is always useful to do your own independent research when it comes to deciding a personal career field. It will also be beneficial to talk to a professional or a graduate student in this field. (I will discuss more on how to narrow down college majors and career choices in the future.)

  1. Coursera.com (https://www.coursera.org/courses?orderby=upcoming&search=program)
    • This site also contains other subjects that you can learn for free at your leisure
     2.  Code.org (http://code.org)
    • Animated and simple way to learn coding
I will update the list with any more useful sites I come across.