Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wildlife conservation/outdoor internship opportunity (southwest region)

Happy New Years! I hope everyone is having a great start to the year so far. I am! I'm wrapping up on some of my goals and setting new ones on the way. Hope you guys will do the same. Persistence is crucial for success!

I would like to announce another great internship opportunity I came across. This is geared towards people interested in wildlife and conservation. It is an excellent opportunity to gain on the field experience, help the environment, and get paid!

Southwest Conservation Corps (SCC)

Scc is run in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. This program is also an affiliate of AmeriCorps, which will grant you funds to either pay off student loans, or pay for continued education. The general age requirement is ages 18-25 although there is a youth program for children ages 14-18. There are multiple positions currently available but hurry up and apply before any of them close. Go visit their website for more information on the program:

Lets make greater impacts this year!

Good luck.